Retainer for Clay plasters-FIXATIF-ARGILUS France

The FIXATIF Hardener strengthens and protects the surface of the clay plasters ARGILUS in the interior. Without changing the color and texture. Packing: Tube 5 L (about 80 m²) and a bottle of 1 L (about 15 m²). The product is made of potassium silicate and retains all the natural advantages of clay plasters, including their breathable properties. Price: Bottle 1 L-47.00 lv. and tuba 5 L-165.00 LV.

FIXATIF only strengthens the plasters, but does not make them cleanable, which is a function of the protective wax-Protective wax-ARGILUS.

Application: Dilute with water (1 to 2) and inject or apply with a flat brush.

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