SAMPLE Travertino + Velatura or Pearl Cream

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The samples are standard and are made in size 70 x 50 cm. Up to 5 working days from the date of the order, according to the number, sequence and necessary technological time for the individual operations and processes.

Travertinovelatura-OR-Pearlcream * A slight difference in color shades is possible according to the monitor settings.

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The final vision of the decorative plaster is determined by the combination of color, type (fine, coarse, matte, glossy, pearl, etc.), the technique of application (smooth, with texture, with relief) and the possibilities for additional decorations. Characteristic of natural lime products is that the color is brimming with different shades, which is also their charm. The samples give the most real idea of the colors. It is good to keep in mind that colors can change and look different depending on the light, the area or over time. For better clarity, the samples of Travertino colored with Velatura or Pearl Cream are made: 1/2 from the canvas “smooth” and 1/2 from the canvas with a sample structure. In the Staining method Travertino + Velatura, the saturation of the shades is influenced by the degree of “rubbing” in the application and can be controlled by the master, and vary in a certain range according to the desire and needs.

We produce samples of Natural decorative plasters from lime and decorative paints and plasters


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