Protective Wax-MOROCCAN SOAP for Tadelakt

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Natural soap with dark amber color and intense aroma of olive oil. Traditionally used for massage in the Baths/hammocks in Morocco, as well as for the “protection” of the Moroccan lime plaster Tadelakt.

How to work: Apply on the plaster to saturation of its surface.

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The protective wax (Moroccan soap) is applied several times on the entire surface with a metal trowel so that it penetrates well and impregnates it. The action is in two directions. It provides waterproofing of the plaster and makes the color brighter. On the one hand, in the interaction of soap with lime, an oily molecule is formed, thanks to which the surface becomes waterproof and on the other, the olive oil itself not only emphasizes the color, but just as well acts as a hydro-insulating agent.

Cultural facts:

“Muriel Soap” is renowned for its ectopic and hydrating property. ” A key part of the ritual of “Turkish bath-Hamam” is when the soap is rubbed vigorously on the body with a glove or loofah. Rinse and leave the skin smooth and supple. It follows a towel wrap and a stay in the steam room. The ritual ends with a relaxing period in the cooling room.

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