Lime Plaster Metallic SILVER 1kg

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Effect: Marble-Metallic-Mat. For interior.

Silver Baze-Silver base for self-application or additional Tonniana in catalog colors.

Metallic-Marmorino* Color nuances may vary depending on monitor settings

Applied in one or two finishing layers, on 1-2 layers Marmorino Veneziano Classic Fine



Finish: 0.300 – 0.500 kg/M2 * varies depending on the base and the effect

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A real sample of the product in desired color, you Can order

A modern variety of classic Italian plaster-Marmorino Veneziano Classic.

Natural, grout with a Metalikov, matte finish. He has extraordinary finesse. Designed for luxurious decorations in the interior. The coating is gentle, with a soft Metallica effect, which changes depending on the reflection of the light and the visual angle. Allows the walls to breathe. Ability to protect the coating with bee wax.

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Weight 1.1 kg

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