Sand effect ARENA SILVER-1 L

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Sandy effect with iridescent metallica glare. For interior.

Liberty Arena Colors

Silver Base: Single or tinted in 40 colours*color nuances may vary depending on monitor settings.

Apply in 1-2 layers with brush in the desired directions:Videoconsumption: 3-10 m²/L, according to the dilution, the laying technique and the desired saturation of the effect.

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Fine decorative finish. The material is ready for use, but depending on the needs can be diluted with water.

Laying in 1 layer: on a strong surface apply a layer of breathable paint in the desired color. Wait for 3-4 hours and apply 1 layer of LIBERTY ARENA with a brush. Wait 10 minutes and smooth lightly with a brush on the entire surface to achieve the final decorative effect.

Laying in 2 layers: On a strong surface apply a layer of breathable paint in the desired color. The first layer of LIBERTY ARENA is applied with a brush in the desired directions over the entire area. Wait until it dries for about 60 minutes, and then a second layer is applied.

A real sampleof the product in desired color, you Can order here .

Liberty Arena Colors:


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002/1, 002/3, 003/1, 003/3, 005/1, 005/3, 007/1, 007/3, 009/1, 009/3, 010/1, 010/3, 011/1, 011/3, 013/1, 013/3, 015/1, 015/3, 016/1, 016/3, 021/1, 021/3, 023/1, 023/3, 025/1, 025/3, 026/1, 026/3, 027/1, 027/3, 031/1, 031/3, 035/1, 035/3, 039/1, 039/3, 040/1, 040/3, 045/1, 045/3, BAZA