Clay finish for sub-ARGILUS France

Clay FINISH FOR FLOOR in 6 natural colors, ready for work. The product can be used for all rooms in the interior. Apply in 1 layer with a thickness of up to 15 mm. Complementary products are: Primer for good bonding and protective oil-Protective oil. Packaging: Bags of 25 kg (for 1 m² in 15 mm layer thickness).

Price Range Bag 25 kg: 66.00-99.00 BGN * depending on the colour


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Appropriate bases: ARGILUS Clay Concrete, existing cement floors, old ceramics (with lining Argilus). For all other basics, please contact us.

Unsuitable bases: parquet, laminate, old wooden floors.

* The product requires technical and professional competence, special care in preparation of the foundation and precision.

Applied manually. Add 4 liters of water every 25 kg. Drying time: 72 hours. Operating temperature + 10/+ 25 с °

CLAY FLOOR finish in 6 standard colors:

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