Clay Concrete-BETON-ARGILUS France

Clay concrete for internal floors. Compressive strength > 20 Мra. The product comes in a state-ready for mixing with water without the need for other additives. Apply in 1 layer with a thickness of 5-15 cm. Packaging: BIG BAG of 500 kg (5 m² in 5 cm thickness) and 1 tonne (10 m² in 5 cm thickness). Video

Price BB 500 kg: 785.00 lv. and BB 1000 kg: 1165.00 LV


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Clay Concrete is a leading innovation in the field of eco-construction. Argilus is the first company in Europe to have mastered this technique.

Suitable foundations for clay concrete are: gravel drainage, existing concrete slabs, lime-cement slabs, thermal insulation cork panels. Very suitable for installation of underfloor heating due to the technical characteristics of the clay on heating and the letting of heat.

Unsuitable bases: unsound and unstable foundations, wooden floors, old parquet.

Applied manually. Add 4 litres of water every 25 kg. Drying: 3 weeks. Operating temperature + 10/+ 25 с °

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