The clay paint BADIGEONS is a dense coating with the effect of “brushes” for interior. Apply in 2 layers with a thickness of about 1 mm each and 4 hours of drying period. Packages in bags of 5 kg (20 m²). In standard 8 colors ready to work and more 46 derivatives of them nûansa, under the schemes indicated in the DESIGN RANGE.

Price range:

5 kg Bag: 122.00-140.00 BGN * depending on the colour


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The BADIGEONS clay paint of Argilus, is a 97 natural product and is made of very fine clay, lime and natural ocher. It can be additionally protected with a natural wax that satates the coating and makes it clean. Apply with a brush on primed with suitable primer, equal internal surfaces such as: plasterboard, Gypsum putty, lime putty, clay, painted walls, etc. Unsuitable foundations: stones, bricks, concrete blocks, straw, all uneven walls. Add 5 litres of water every 5 kg. Drying: 12-24 H Operating temperature + 10/+ 25 с °

BADIGEONS Clay Paint: 8 basic colors with and WITHOUT natural wax:

BADIGEONS Clay Paint: 8 basic colors in 46 shades with and WITHOUT natural wax:

BADIGEONS Clay Paint Gallery: