The FINISHED clay plaster/FINITON/e 100 natural, plaster for interior. Apply in 1 layer with a thickness of up to 3-4 mm. Package: 25 kg bags (5-6m²). In 12 ready-made standard colors, which can be achieved 90 different shades, through Gamme DESIGN.

Ideal for achieving smooth color finish. There are also 11 mineral or plant additives (for the addition to the main plaster), for various vision and effects. Video

Price range: 25 kg Bag: 110.00-140.00 BGN * depending on the colour

T. C. _ FINISHING Plaster

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FINITON is made of clay, flax fiber, sand and natural ocher for some of the colors. Apply manually (with a trowel) on equal internal surfaces such as: plasterboard, Gypsum putty, lime putty, clay, painted walls, etc. Unsuitable bases: stones, bricks, concrete blocks, straw, all uneven surfaces. Add 8-10 litres of water every 25 kg. Drying: 24-48 H Operating temperature + 10/+ 30 с °

FINITON 12 standard colors without additives:


FINITON 12 Standard Colours with addition-flax fibre:

FINITON 12 standard colors in 90 derivative shades + 11 add-ons = 990 Options-DESIGN CHART

11 Types of Additives:


FINOTON Gallery: