The effect of clay Stucco on interior, is very similar to that of the Moroccan Tadelakt. The coating has a smooth and very pleasant to the touch texture. Apply in 2 thin (1 mm) layers with a 4-hour drying period.

Pack sizes in bags of 5 kg (12 m²). In standard 6 colors ready to work and another 29 derived from them shades, on the schemes indicated in DESIGN RANGE_ARGILUS.

Price range:

5 kg Bag: 140.00 BGN * in six main colours and 28 shades


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The clay Stucco of Argilus is a 98 natural product made of clay, lime and natural ocher. The coating can be additionally protected with natural wax ARGILUS, which satates the coating and makes it clean. It is applied manually with a trowel on primed with suitable primer, equal internal surfaces such as: plasterboard, Gypsum putty, aerated concrete, lime putty, clay, painted walls, etc. Unsuitable on the surface: stones, bricks, concrete blocks, straw, all uneven surfaces.

Add 2.5 litres of water every 5 kg. Drying: 12-24 H Operating temperature + 10/+ 25 с °

Clay Stucco 6 Standard colours:

Clay Stucco 6 Standard colours in 29 derivative shades:

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