Breathable walls are an important element in a healthy home. They are our “third skin” in the terminology of Bau-Biologie. Our second skin is the clothes we wear. Imagine sealing your skin with a synthetic, impermeable paint. Lethal, isn’t it? Why are we doing this in our homes? The steamed wall cannot filter and clean the air, favors condensation and molds. A wall made of natural materials helps create optimum microclimate in the premises and maintain constant humidity, which is very important for us as biological individuals.

Electro Magnetic radiation (Electromagnetic radiation-EMR, Electromagnetic fields-EMR) represents the physical radiation of included electrical appliances, wires, wires and the field forming around them. These fields for years are subject to debate and research on how they affect people. Electromagnetic radiation includes AC electric and AC magnetic fields, as well as high-frequency broadcasts (Wi-Fi, mobile phones, SOT systems), which strongly affect our health and mental condition. The higher the frequency of the field, the more serious the disorders can cause it. These fields are active in the space around the flow of electricity – high voltage cables, wires, sockets, plugs and included electrical appliances. The research of established European and American institutions proves that exposure to AC electric field is associated with an increased risk of insomnia, nervousness, depression, aggression and even leukemia. In turn, the magnetic field is statistically associated with cancer, Alzheimer’s, congenital abnormalities.

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