Lozen House

The decoration of the house is of the type: Open system – “breathable”, for optimal indoor climate and a healthy, mold-free living environment. The goal was achieved by applying the lime decorative plaster Travertino and Marmorino Veneziano Classic Fine to the walls and ceilings throughout the house, directly applied to the base of lime-cement plaster.

Living room: Travertino in white on the ceiling and light color on the walls with a “smooth” technique.


Kitchen and dining room: Travertino with smooth, light-colored walls and white part of the ceiling, in combination with Marmorino Veneziano Classic Fine for the dining room ceiling.


Staircase: Light-colored Travertino on the walls and around the suspended ceiling with smooth application.

Kids Room 1: Travertino in white and more saturated walls and ceiling with smooth application.

Parents’ bedroom: Travertino with smooth application in light shade for walls and ceiling and in combination with Liberty Epoque in a rich color of the same range for ceiling decoration.


Veselin Todorov: In 2014, my wife and I decided to dive into the deep debris of construction in order to shrink our nest. We knew the road would be bumpy and painful, but we still gritted our teeth and decided it was the right way.We started with the purchase of land (RLE). After 3 visits, we stopped at a progressively developing village in the outskirts of Sofia – Gorni Lozen. We went through the phase of document retrieval, design, and the waiting day for the first dig came. So on June 21, 2015 we started the construction of “Single family two-storey house with built up area of ​​160 sq.m and total area of ​​300 sq.m.”. My wife and I had stopped at the so-called “economic method” of construction, according to which the contracting authority, the investor and the owner are me or, in simple words, I hire a team, it does everything I order, and control is exercised by the various designers.Within 4 months we were ready with Rough Construction and the important moment for selecting a company / crew for finishing works came. Our idea was to save what we can from the rough construction / by saving I do not mean to lose quality, and from things that are not needed /, so that we can then hire a company that has the quality, work quality and with quality materials.So after 2 months of searching we were advised by NIKI and VLADI. At our first conversation in the office, I was left with pleasantly mixed feelings, as NICKY asked a lot of questions about project details that I honestly had no idea about, and VLADY showed us all kinds of lovely plaster.After several meetings with them and the architect we decided to work with them / here I would like to add that my architect is from the old generation with a rather modern view of things and her opinion was “these are your people” /. The goal we set for NIKI and VLADI was clear, precise and concise: the house should be ready to turn key by September 1, 2016. They had 7 months to complete, the house was bare brick, windows and roof. Sometime in early April, the offensive began. Scaffolding, thermal insulation, lifting, overhanging, building, walling, stucco, plasterboard, suspended ceilings, tile gluing in the bathrooms, 150 sq.m molded stone on the facade, plaster on the facade, interior interiors, interiors, steps, window sills, waterproofing, granite tiling, alleyway shaping and many, many other operations. I would like to add here that I am the kind of person that it is hard to trust someone to do other things, and in the interest of the truth, at first I was quite skeptical about the work of NIKI and VLADI, but over time I convinced myself that they did not blunt things and is of high quality. I was very impressed with the organization, there was not one minute in which there would be no materials and masters to wait and wait. Working hours – in the Bulgarian master he usually comes at 9:00 am drinks coffee until 10:00 am, works after 12:00 pm, rests until 2:00 pm and leaves at 5:00 pm / scheme was also confirmed by previous masters. But here they hid my hat at 7:00 am, a maximum of 7:15 am was already working, and so until 17-18: 00 with a short break of 1h-1h30. The best thing that happened in the work process was THINKING. Nothing was done without thought. NICKY and VLADY approached the details very carefully and responsibly. There have been situations where I have insisted on doing something, but after their adequate advice, things have taken the right direction. Generally speaking I can say that this is precisely this invaluable experience that few companies / masters will bother to share with you. Helping to find the right people for things outside their field of activity was also invaluable.

Interior Plasters – I can say there that both I and my wife were skeptical at first, but only at the beginning. Currently, they are one of the biggest advantages of the house. They make it unique, different, unique, natural and very unique. We are very pleased with our choice. I can safely say that I would entrust the construction of my next home to NIKI and VLADI by BREZZADICOLORI.