What is a healthy, harmless and eco-friendly home?
Home, furnished and maintained with environmentally friendly products and materials, in which toxic influences are minimized-this directly affects our health and the health of our children. It’s a natural.

What is the relationship between dwellers, buildings and nature and can they be in harmony, work in sync?
Our home is often one of the biggest investments in our lives. And yet, we do not have the habit of informing ourselves about the substances and contents of our home, as we increasingly carefully do with food labels. We have no habit of informing ourselves of the consequences of our investment on the environment. It turns out that in our homes there are invisible enemies of the health of our family: moisture, mold, mites, toxic emissions from construction and cleaning materials, heavy electromagnetic fields from our own appliances or from a mobile cell mounted against our Windows. It turns out that the carbon savings only in the construction of a building, built mainly with natural (raw) materials, is in the order of 40-50 tonnes; Energy input from 5 to 11 times less than in a building built with conventional materials.

To be ecologically and biologically blaned one building-with care for nature, but also with care for people, it must be able to create balance and exchange of air and humidity, just like the lungs of an organism. Home is like a living organism, a family member, functioning as a complex system of systems that are in sync with each other and with the environment.

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