An interior that reflects the sense of style, meets the needs of space and helps to live, work and rest in a healthy environment. Public buildings, offices, apartments, houses, holiday complexes, hotelsdesigned in a style of sustainable and eco design promote the desire for a natural life. Design of eco Interior is a kind of partnership. In order to obtain a successful ecological design it is necessary to combine simultaneously new technologies in construction and repairs, innovative and traditional materials related to energy saving strategies. The planning and distribution of floors, area and spaces is done in harmony with the existing environment and the color scheme in the interior is essential.

Approaching natural life, approving energy efficiency, improving purity and quality of life – these are the main priorities of ecological design. Frank Lloyd Ryde /Ank Lloyd Wright/designs dwellings, combined and blended with the surrounding area, often described as organic. In this way, harmony between man and nature is created. Ecological design requires commitment and social inclusion. When developing a concept of eco interior, we need to know that the small steps in today’s eco-design project Create a supportive environment that will make everything different and natural for future generations.

Many times the environmental design is called green design, green interior design and so on. Every single green Eco interior design project expresses respect for air, water, nature, Earth, human being in its natural environment. Significant attention is paid when designing interior lighting, energy sources, choice of electrical appliances, water controls and air quality in the premises.