DECORATIVE PLASTERS: To build a perfect style and coziness in the home

Want to make your home perfect? Start from the walls and ceiling. In particular, the decorative plasters that can cover these surfaces. In front of you will reveal a truly infinite world of possibilities and combinations.

The choice of decorative plasters as an interior solution is a testament to the emphasized individualism, style and taste. The possibilities for effect, relief, structure and colors are really diverse, and their proper combination will lead to stunning results.
From standard Venetian plaster, through various pearl effects to very matte patterns decorative plasters can completely transform one room. Retro or fashionable effect can be easily achieved on the wall, through a specific type of plaster. Application techniques are also diverse, and some specific variants of plaster are achieved through the use of specially designed professional tools – brushes, sponges and others.

With a special technique of applying the plasters, you can build a truly unique design of your walls. Besides that the implementation and technique of laying the plasterworks is manual, it is also directly related to the creativity and creativity of each master-applicator. This is the reason for the difficult repeatability of the final vision in the execution of various objects and by different craftsmen.
More and more are working on new innovations in this type of products, besides the development in relief and innovative materials, you can also encounter embedded particles in your chosen plasters for greater brilliance or metallic effects. Thanks to these developments you could focus on a particular wall or even a whole room. Most plasters are already washable, so their maintenance is extremely easy.

Unleash your imagination and choose the right plasters for your concept. Start with the structure itself, then choose a color that will be well combined with the furniture and flooring. You do not have to stop just one color, you can actually make combinations, or iridescent colors.
Some plasters allow the combination of 3-4 colors even. It remains only the performance on the walls of a pro-applicator chosen by you. Or you can choose to apply the mixture yourself, in more ordinary models that do not require specific technology and tools. One thing is certain, however, you have the privilege to enjoy daily and enjoy the design created with decorative plasters and hand-filled especially you.