Who we are:

Brezza di Colori LTD. is a product company which offers natural, decorative paints and
lime and clay plaster. We are focused on finishing works, interior and exterior
Design in the construction sector. Our products are directly related to both aesthetic vision and
and the quality of the microclimate in the habitable environment. In this sense, informed and conscious
Choice for the incorporation of such kind of materials in the home, office, public buildings, etc., is
Decisive for each person. Saturated with positives, it is also the starting point for the realization of
Healthy, comfortable and beautiful environment, the creation of which is our cause.
Birch di Colori LTD. Is the official representative for Bulgaria of:
1. Stucco Italiano-Italian manufacturer of premium class, proven in time, lime
Plasters and paints for interior, exterior and bathroom.
2. Argilus-A French manufacturer of clay plasters and paints, combining excellent traditions with
Innovative and resulting evolution in eco-construction.

Working method:

1. Selection

Welcome to our showroom on the Blvd. Black Peak 189 g, where you can see a multitude of
Samples, choose effects, like colors, get individual advice and
Detailed information.
1.1. If you want to understand how the plaster that you liked will look real in
Your property, we can prepare an individual, portable sample.
1.2. Besides the rich choice of colors available, we can also develop
Your favorite-Individual color.
2. Implementation
2.1. If you need a person or a team to realize the plasters you have chosen,
We can assist you by directing you to trusted craftsmen who have been working for years with
Our materials, with a number of accepted sites and satisfied customers.
2.2. If you already have a master, or you want to deal with it, we will assist you
Fully, explaining and showing as needed how to do what you have chosen.
2.3. For corporate clients and larger sites, we can offer a contract and
Performance by a professional company team. In this case it is necessary:
A) to take a view of the object itself in order to get acquainted with the specific situation and to prepare
Protocol with:
* Prescriptions and recommendations for preparation of the foundations (necessary or not) according to the
The selected plasters;
* presence or not of more specific details, characteristics of the site;

* Estimated volume of work-measurement of precise quadrature;
* Other important data about the site, concerning the direct implementation of decorative plasters
b) Preparation of a specific offer for the value of performance and materials based on the
Protocol data. Planning according to the workload of our schedule and the necessary
Technological time of execution of the particular volume.





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Corporate clients


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